SOM wins eco-contract in Danang (Vietnam)

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) has been awarded the master plan commission for Golden Hills, an eco urban community in Danang, Vietnam.

SOM’s preliminary plan for a sustainable residential community on the edge of the city looks to set a new benchmark for ecologically-sensitive development in Vietnam. SOM is working with the city planning authorities to finalise the project’s design and ensure its delivery.

The plan has been commissioned by Trugnam Group. The project site covers an area of 375 hectares along the Cu De River at the northern edge of the city of Danang. The plan incorporates a wide range of uses organised into a series of distinct districts, including a series of residential neighborhoods, a village centre, a business district, and an education, sports and leisure district.

The plan addresses the site’s critical flood risks through a series of storm water strategies, designed to preserve existing watercourses and the natural landscape character of the site. A series of new terraced levels will integrate development into the site. In addition to taking into account tidal flooding and sea level rise in the South China Sea, the plan also incorporates international best practices for on-site stormwater management. It is intended to set a new standard for environmental planning in Vietnam.

SOM’s masterplan establishes a new waterfront eco-park that will be designed to restore, protect and enhance the wildlife habitat along 2.7km of river frontage. The open space is extended into a wider park network of linear greenways and the park system helps in managing flood control, preventing rainwater runoff into surrounding areas, filtering and cleansing grey water and providing a source for irrigating future landscape areas. New public spaces are also provided at the heart of each neighborhood area.

The future community will have contrasting areas of lower and higher density residential neighborhoods. The plan also provides community amenities to serve a future urban population in excess of 30,000 people.


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