Vietnam’s President and Prime Minister to be elected in late July

VietNamNet Bridge – At the first session of the 13th National Assembly (NA), scheduled to open on July 21, the NA will spend 14 days on personnel tasks, including the election of the NA Chair, the President and the Prime Minister.

15 self-nominated candidates for National Assembly election

The first session of the new NA will last for 22 days, including up to 14 days for the election of high-ranking positions, including the NA Chair, NA Vice Chairs, members of the NA Standing Committee, members of other NA committees and the Secretariat.

After the election, the newly elected NA Chair will immediately chair the session to elect the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, the Tribunal President of the People’s Supreme Court, the Head of the People’s Supreme Procuracy, to make decisions on the restructure of the cabinet, to approve the appointment of Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers and other cabinet members, and to approve the list of members of the Council for Defence and Security.

In the first session, the NA will have five days to listen to reports on the implementation of the social-economic development plan and budget spending in the first half of 2011, solutions for the second half, and other reports.

The NA will also spend three days to consider and approve the law making program for 2012, the bill on water resources and the bill on higher education.

The preparation for the election of the 13th NA is now in the final stage. The election of the NA and People’s Council will take place on May 22. Out of 500 NA deputies, full-time deputies will account for 33 percent; around 4 percent more than the 12th NA.

At the 11th National Party Congress in January, NA Chair Nguyen Phu Trong, 67, was elected as the Party Secretary General. Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, 62, was re-elected as Politburo member.

President Nguyen Minh Triet, 69, doesn’t participate in the 11th Party Central Committee.



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