Russia to help Vietnam train energy officers

Russia’s state-owned atomic power corporation, Rosatom, is ready to help Vietnam train atomic energy officers, said a Rosatom official.

Rosatom Programme Director Boyarkin Sergei Alexandrovich made the statement at a forum themed “Atomic energy: the welcome of the society, economic and social aspects of the future development of Ninh Thuan province” which was held in Phan Rang-Thap Cham city in the south central province of Ninh Thuan on April 14.

In addition to introducing Russia’s nuclear technologies, Alexandrovich highlighted essential issues for a nuclear power management agency with human resource training being the most important.

Russia’s training of nuclear experts for Vietnam once again affirms its readiness to assist Vietnam in all aspects, he said, adding that this also aims to realise a commitment between the two countries on cooperation for mutual development.

The Russian side has recruited 60 Vietnamese students, including two in Ninh Thuan province, to study nuclear power in Russia’s science city of Obninsk. It has also granted scholarships for those students and created the best learning and living conditions for them.

In the future, the Ministry of Education and Training will recruit 70 more students to be sent to study nuclear power in Russia, said Ta Duc Thinh, Head of the ministry’s Environmental Science and Technology Department.

At the forum, Rosatom representatives introduced Russia’s experiences in social popularisation when building nuclear power plants, saying that popularisation work is the most important factor in winning high consensus among people.



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